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"SAM" Tickets on Sale 5/1!

After months of excitement and anticipation, tickets for my upcoming solo musical "SAM" will officially go on sale tomorrow, May 1st, launching at 2am PST on the Hollywood Fringe Festival Website. This email has everything you need to know about preparing to purchase your "SAM" ticket - and while it may sound silly to need to "prepare"...


This pre-ticket-day email reminder was requested by many SAM Fam members (AKA you!) after learning about the VERY limited seating in our "SAM" venue, the Broadwater Studio. Though "SAM" will be playing for the Broadwater's maximum of 9 festival performances, there are only 22 seats in the highly intimate blackbox theatre, which means that there are only 22 tickets available per performance!

That being said - I know I am not Taylor Swift. However, there are more people on this mailing list receiving this email than there will be tickets available to buy for "SAM" tomorrow. Crazy!

So: to ensure that you are able to purchase a ticket for the preferred date that you plan on attending "SAM", I highly recommend buying your ticket(s) when they go on sale tomorrow, May 1st. And don't worry, I'll be sending you an email with the "SAM" ticket link/Fringe show page tomorrow at 10am PST (including a very special "SAM" surprise sneak peek) so that you don't forget. "SAM" show dates and times are listed below, as well as info on the "SAM" merch you'll each get included when you buy your ticket...

Your "SAM" Merch!

To welcome you as part of the SAM Fam, when you buy your ticket for "SAM" (because you will get your ticket and it will be the exact date and time you hoped for!) you will automatically receive merch at the door when you arrive to the show. We'll have "SAM" stickers, "SAM" buttons, colored star "SAM" glasses and more.* SAM Fam represent!

*Pick up will be in-person only at the box office on performance dates.

Support Two Artists with $15 and a Ticket to "SAM"

Have $15 to spare? In today's economy, it can be difficult to make money as an artist. In Los Angeles, when you do make money, it's likely going towards paying for your rent, not going to the theatre. For $15 (the price of one "SAM" ticket), you can help support two artists: the one you're gifting a theatrical experience to, and the one living out their dream on stage! Instructions will be sent out in tomorrow's email on how to do this easily.

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