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2023 Wrap-Up

After an exciting 2023, I want to thank all of you for your continued support of myself and my company SamSkape Productions Inc.


December 6th, 2023 marked the 4th anniversary of the day I officially quit the restaurant industry after 7 years, and transitioned to working for myself full-time. From producing my own work to collaborating with like-minded clients and creatives on projects that support and uplift students, artists, and the neurodivergent community, to say that I'm grateful is a gross understatement.


There are some exciting projects already in the works for 2024 (stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon ;), but for now, enjoy a year-in-review of 2023.

"Trying" in 2023

In January, "Trying" kicked off the year showing at HollyShorts' screening series at the TCL Chinese Theatre. After being shared throughout the year in ADHD peer support groups, in December the film was showcased at the Annual International Conference on ADHD. After almost three years with the film, I look forward to seeing where "Trying" goes next, and appreciate everyone's support during this pivotal chapter for the film.


Sam's Return to Theatre in "Kinky Boots"

After 4 years away from the stage, I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to play one of my dream roles as Lauren in "Kinky Boots". Starting rehearsals in June during Pride month and being a part of this important story of self love, expression, and acceptance was such a gift. Thank you to everyone who came and experienced this show with us. There may be more stage time to come in 2024... :)


Coast-to-Coast SAG-AFTRA & WGA Strikes

This year was not easy for working class members of the TV & Film industry. After the AMPTP failed to negotiate a fair contract in time for both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA contract renewals, union members chose to withhold their labor and go on strike until a mutual agreement could be reached. I applaud the WGA for receiving a contract that prioritized the creative rights of its human writer union members as a result of their strike.


Unfortunately, while SAG-AFTRA was able to secure many important contract clauses that support union members in areas of self tape execution, residuals, hair & make-up practices for all hair types and skin tones and more as a result of our strike, our union failed in protecting us performers from the threats of AI being used by big studios to replace us on screen and in voiceover work. I urge everyone to continue to support projects, companies, and independent filmmakers that prioritize human expression and employment, over studios that use films and TV shows as a means to exploit artists and prioritize profit over people.


SamSkape, Students, & Education in 2023

Working with students and expanding education in the arts have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember.


This year I was able to create a mini documentary in collaboration with Arroyo Vista Elementary School in South Pasadena showcasing one of their students with ADHD, work as Creative Content Director for Los Angeles Mission College supporting their theatre department productions of "Mr. Grieves and the Vampires" and "Macbeth", and join the team as Stage Crew Director teaching students how to work backstage of Huntington Middle School's production of "Frozen Jr." in San Marino.


"Starfish" at TCL Chinese Theatre

Twice in a year! I never would've thought that I'd see myself in one, let alone two, films on screen at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, and 2023 brought just that between "Trying" and short film "Starfish" created by Folsheart. Congrats to the "Starfish" team on an incredible night to remember.


Happy New Year and see you in 2024! :)

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