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Writer, Star, and EP of "Trying": How it Started

What an exciting six months it has been!

After Sam was cast in a pilot at the end of 2020, her year was looking prosperous. Though come 2021, production plans fell through and Sam found herself without a summer project. So, in true Labrecque fashion, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

In February, Sam launched her own production company SamSkape Productions Inc. After years of being terrified of the prospect of writing, she took the leap and wrote her first-ever script Trying, a 12-page short film following a day in the life of Meg, a millennial painter with ADHD. For months she poured herself into research and worked with ADHD and script consultants to create a story filled with humor, heart, and humanity while bringing visibility to women in the ADHD community.

In June, Sam set out to produce the film. She built a Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign to fund her vision, and from the unparalleled generosity of her friends and family, raised $14,000 to create the film. From June - July, she did not sleep.

At the same time, she built her Trying Team and went straight into pre-production. Now with her producer Nicole and director Jess by her side, after endless emails, posts, phone and Zoom calls, they secured a 20-person all-female production team and an 8-person cast to bring Trying to life.

On July 22nd, the crowdfunding campaign ended, the same day that shooting began. For two and a half days (a half more day than originally anticipated) the Trying Team braved the heat and shot the film. With multiple locations, cameras, and green blazers, the Team pulled through and officially wrapped Trying.

For behind the scenes looks and to find out what's next for Trying, follow along on Instagram and Seed&Spark!

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